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M600 fall into the sea !!!
710 3 2018-7-30
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Flight distance : 193294 ft
South Korea

I’am Yoosang Oh from Korea.

Last week(26/07/2018), My Matrice 600 was fall down into the sea.

Half an hour later, I got it from the sea by boat.

M600, Ronin-mx, TB48S 6pcs, Sony a7r3, Sony 16-35mm GM, srw-60g.
All of these things changed to trash.

It costs $14,000.
Anything could not revived.

I guess the reason of M600’s fall down was broken of No.6 motor mount.

When M600 fall down, my co-worker took video of landing process.

In video. you can see the No6. motor has turned downward.
And fraction of props flied away !!

This year, January M600 was suddenly fall down during landing. the height was about 12m and because m600 fall on the beach sand, there was not much broken.

Then, the warranty was expired and the support team manager said that he could not perform a log analysis. At that time, it cost about $800 to repair and i asked to support team ‘Can M600 working properly after repair?’ Because of the anxiety of using the crashed M600 again. The support team said M600 would test flight  after the repair completed and that there was no need to worry about functional issues. And also said they did not replace parts that were normally functional. Only four months have passed since the repairs were completed.

On the way back to the landing area after finishing a waypoint flight with GS Pro, M600 suddenly tilted with a thud sounds, and slowly fell into the sea.

As you can see the video, I operated throttle up. but altitude was keep going lower and sinked.

How can the motor mount be broken during a flight?

This is a serious drawback of M600.

Can DJI really say the M600 is for enterprise/industrial drone?

Stability is the most priority for business/industrial applications.

How users can trust and buy these drone that falls down frequently.

I would like to hear what the DJI Manager and users think about this.

Thank you.

Use props
Flight distance : 193294 ft
South Korea

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Use props
DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

YOOSANGOH, we are terribly sorry for the crash accident, please send email to to see if there is better resolution can be provided, the team will help you out, thank you.
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Awful flight problems. Sorry to read about. Those are good questions to ask.  If these devices are to be used in critical applications, they need to be reliable. And supported extensively.  How a single prop failure diminishes flight capabilities should be documented and pilots made aware.
Use props
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