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P4P v2: "Standalone" video downlink options?
259 0 2018-7-30
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Michael Kemper
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We have a group of people flying on remote jobsites, where the pilot is a mile or less from a conference trailer, and we're live streaming to a TV in that trailer. We've had some success with a custom RTMP stream (3-5 sec latency), but due to weak cellular service (affecting Go's RTMP output) and weak jobsite internet connection (affecting the TV's input), quality and latency can worsen.

Are there any options for an Ocusync/5.8GHz video downlink "rig" that's completely separate from the pilot's remote?

I've seen mention of a 5.8 GHz receiver, but I have a feeling custom FPV users are using those (not sure how I would bind/pair this to the drone). Got excited for a moment thinking either a secondary remote or goggles with an HDMI out could perform this function, but a secondary remote needs to be near the primary and goggles have no HDMI out. Otherwise I'm thinking I'd have to use the toys that broadcasters use or swapping over to different hardware altogether on an M200 platform.

I have learned that the HDMI out on the CrystalSky is very respectable. That's my current plan for getting HDMI out of the remote.

Thanks for any advice!

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