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How to store batterys right
818 1 2018-8-8
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How to store batterys right !
To dont damage your battery, you should store your battery at 20-40%,
Phantom and Mavic batterys have a self-discharge function, this can take up to a week.
Keep the battery cool (room-temperature) !

How to discharge your battery :
1. Use the self-dischrage function
2. Fly till the battery is at 20-40%
3. Use the USB-Battery adapter
- With this tool you can charge you phone and discharge your battery at the same time !

How to store it :
Store your battery for trips in battery bags ! They protect the battery from damage and if the battery is damaged,
it also protects other people form violations. Keep it in roome temperatur (max. 5-30°C).

Product Links form DJI Shop :
Phantom 4 :
USB discharger
Battery bag
Phantom 4 bagpack

DJI Mavic
USB discharger
Battery bag
Mavic bag

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Use props
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What you should do is follow DJIs recommendations in their battery safety guide. ... tery+Safety+Guides+(EN).pdf

They don't need to be stored in a specific bag, neither do they need any additional 'dischargers' they do a good job themselves in slow self discharge mode, which usually takes about three days to get to the 40-65% as recommended by DJI. Worth noting that a full charge /discharge is required is required within a three month period of longer term storage.
Use props
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