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Aircraft Motor Overload Gimbal Problems HELP!!!
310 1 2018-8-11
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Flight distance : 127694 ft

So i am on my third gimbal, the first time i had a crash and sent it away to drone experts and they replaced the whole drone/gimball asssembly and when i got it back everything worked fine for a while and then I started getting this Aircraft MotorOverload Check whether gimbal clamp is removed warning and the gimball just bounces around crazily.  So this time I just ordered just the gimbal off of Ebay and put it on myself and it seemed to fix the problem until the same warning came up again and the gimball went crazy again.  I have seen several videos on You Tube some saying to hold it on its side when powering up and others just saying that they have had the same problem, but I hate to just buy another gimbal if it is only going to work for a flight or two before it goes out again.  If anyone has any insight on this problem or could offer any help I would greatly appricate it


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DJI Natalia


Hi. We do apologize for the inconvenience and trouble caused. However, we do not recommend to fix their own drone because it can worsen the damage and this will void the warranty. Also, have you tried to calibrate your gimbal? If the issue persists, I suggest you to send it in for repair to fix the problem. You may email us at Should you have further question, please let us know. Thank you.
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