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Will the new Nikon Mirrorless Camera be supported with the Ronin S
303 2 2018-8-12
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Hi everyone,

I just got my Ronin S in the mail.  I'm considering purchasing the new Nikon mirrorless camera when it is released.  I was wondering if anyone thinks or knows if the Ronin S will support focus pulling and other functions?

Thank you!
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Yes it will. Sometime in the future. And maybe not with the Ronin-S but its successor.

Kidding aside, the Ronin-S talks to the Nikon cameras via USB, at least that's the plan. Does not work as of today per my understanding. The USB protocol is USB MTP and all Nikon cameras support that via identical features. Can be proven best with the Nikon Camera Remote software - it works with all. The new Nikon camera will have an USB port for sure, maybe USB-C but that's just another cable. According to the rumors there will be a power zoom function built into the camera and released as a new lens. So for this to work
  • Nikon needs to add that function to the USB MTP protocol - just a matter of time.
  • Nikon needs to add that to their OEM SDK
  • DJI needs to implement the OEM SDK and this feature
  • The lens in question cannot have a wide zoom range as the Ronin-S cannot balance it else.
If all of that is done, then you do not need anything at the lens but can control the zoom directly via USB.

But because the power zoom lens is meant for videographers, it is very likely this lens will not fit the Ronin-S. Cannot balance it.
Hence on the zoom I am pessimistic. Focus pulling is doable but don't hold your breath. The Nikon MTP protocol is not too difficult to implement but if not done correctly, it brings the camera into a weird state easily. We had that with various software used to control the Nikons via a tablet, given how limited the Nikon apps are.
So basic control will work once it works with any of the other Nikon cameras. More than that is unlikely or a matter of willingness at DJI's part. And they have a track record to build just the 80% solution.
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Hi there, thanks for reaching us. As the test continues, more features and cameras will be added in the future. We sincerely suggest checking the compatibility list and keep an eye on the status from time to time. ... ility+List+0719.pdf
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