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Ocusync fails to update error code "0x02680c"
471 0 2018-8-14
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United States

Just like the other fellow that posted about this problem, I too cannot update, however mine is initialized, updated to  fw .0400, but wanting .0500. My video quit, it is intermittent, but now seems to have quit altogether, so no video all the time but signal is all the bars. It always stucks at 52% progress (at Updating firmware step) with a subsequent "Update error" message and an error code "0x02680c".

I have had an issue, video intermittent, since December when I bought it. However, it worked on the bench and I built the plane for it. Installed the Ocusync Air for HD Vtx only and it just will not show video and the thing doesn't see the SD card that is installed now and will not allow you to change display settings such as resolution. When I had questions about the antennas and other simple stuff, I was told by DJI Orange County, where I bought mine, that they knew absolutely nothing about it and could offer no help. Great.

I do no expect to get an answer on this, it seems like after the big Government $800 Million dollar contract, maybe small customers are not as valuable?

Very disappointed to find out that there is NO WARRANTY on this device, according to DJI and they also informed me that the RE Goggles really only had a 30 warranty with a 7 day ( no initialization return policy. So, if you want to see if they work, you first have to initialized them, now you do that and you can't return them. So, buy it, try it and it is yours.

Now that is news and not good news as I am not sure what all is working and not. I bought the $900 RE Goggle Package with Ocusync Air System, what a waste of money. Now I have nothing but a paper weight for a Ocusync that I even bought the extra antenna that I needed because the stupid thing came with two different types of Pagoda antenna and you have to use both at all times, WHY?

I am still waiting for a call back from DJI support, probably will die of old age first.

This experience has been a seriously screwed up 8 months of lack of support and nearly zero documentation. No diagnostic procedures, no troubleshooting guide, now warranty, wow, how could you ask for more?

Seriously, I have spent about $3000 on DJI in the last 12 months, I hope they liked that money, because I will not spend one more dollar for a DJI product. You got my money, but you will not get my return business. You need to seriously look at how the public sees your company, the main thread is "Lack of real support when there are problems".

I have in the past been a supporter of DJI on other forums, when people bitched about things. Now I understand and I will no longer argue to support DJI. In fact I will tell all members of our club and affiliates that I do not endorse DJI, nor would I recommend them to any member.

Thank you,
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