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Mavic Air Photo Editing / Workflow
500 0 2018-8-15
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Curious what everyone’s workflow is like for the Mavic Air? (Or any DJI line) My desire when shooting video and photos on my DSLR or GoPro cameras is to take all of the photos or videos after an outing off the SD card and put them on my computer. If traveling super light, I will just take my Apple SD card reader and throw the SD card in there and rip everything to my 128gb phone. I do this because I trust my phone to not fail more than I trust the SD card and its nice to have a backup from vacation. The only issue I have is with the panoramic or 360 photos, editing right on the DJI GO app always seems the best way to go because you can zoom in or out and get all kinds of different perspectives. Once you put the 360 images on another device it always seems more difficult to work with them.
So maybe this is two questions... 1) what is your workflow and 2) how to you handle and edit 360 photos you get with your drone. :-)

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