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New App same problems Cannot set Home point signal weak
686 1 2018-8-23
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Flight distance : 325659 ft
United States

I reset my iPad mini 4 to erase all content and settings then set it up as a new iPad just to make sure everything was clean.  I have an iPad Mini 4 with AT&T Cellular with built in GPS.  

I downloaded the new DJI GO 4 App from the app store, the one that was updated today.

All location services are enabled and the app is able to use location information, I can tell from the location services log.

I have a Phantom 4 Pro with the latest firmware, I used to DJI Assistant 2 to check all that.

When I try and use the FOLLOW ME flight mode, everything works fine.  The DJI GO 4 app shows the GPS signal strength is strong and the drone follows me as I walk or jog around.

When I try and set the Home point to the Controllers location, it almost NEVER works.  I get a  "The mobile device's GPS signal is weak and its location cannot be acquired" error in yellow text that pops in and fades out.  About 1 in 20 or 1 in 40 tries it will work but generally it will NOT set the home point to the controllers position.

It WILL reliably fly in FOLLOW ME MODE and that mode shows strong gps signal.  I am 90% sure STRONG GPS signal in Follow me mode refers to the iPads GPS and NOT the drones.

The drone always has 16 satellites, and I have tried this all over town.  I downloaded and paid for the GPS Diagnostic app on my iPad Mini 4 and it always shows a strong GPS signal with high accuracy.

This problem has persisted for MONTHS and I am NOT the only person to have it.  there are MANY threads about this same issue.


-Roger Uzun
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United States

I have the same exact issue always thought it was on my end
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