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Anyone else want a backpack for the Mavic AND Osmo or Osmo+?
256 0 2018-8-31
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There is a company that makes backpacks and cases that would make one for Mavic, Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom AND an Osmo+ all in one.
I have their backpack for both the Mavic and the Osmo and it is a wonderful thing to be able to take all of my gear in one backpack. Very convenient. Everything in its place and securely stowed.

The current mold does not fit the new Mavic 2 batteries. I will have to cut them out a bit. THe controller fits and so does the Mavic for the most part. Just need to trim a bit here and there.

I have been emailing and they said they have not seen a lot of interest for this. Just figured I'd check here.

Here is the backpack I have. No referal link or anything. Just for reference. ... avic-osmo-bp-1.html

Maybe if they see there is interest they will make a new one.

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