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Mavic 2 Zoom - First Dozen Impressions
689 3 2018-8-31
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Recieved my Mavic 2 Zoom yesterday.  Did firmware update on the Mavic and the controller using the DJI Assistant Mavic 2 app on my laptop.  I got the Fly More Combo so connected all 3 batteries and the remote to the hub and charger.  Once everything was charged up connected my Ipad Mini and fired up DJI Go4 to activate the Zoom.  All of this went smoothly though I did get an "Inconsistant Firmware" warning later after flying.  DL the additional firmware update but haven't flown it since as I got the alert after burning thru 3 batteries.  

I'm upgrading from my Spark.  Only drone I've flown.  Got the Spark in January, just before the release of the Mavic Air.  Probably would have purhased the MA instead of the Spark but no regrets, have throughly enjoyed flying my Spark.  That being said, here are my initial impressions on the Mavic 2 Zoom.  While I was recording video during my flights with the Mavic Zoom, I was primarily into the flying.  In no particular order:

1. Cruising speed in P Mode:  M2 Z cruises at 27mph at full speed in P Mode.  That was an eye opener.  The Spark chugs along at about 7mph tops in P Mode.  

2.  Throttle Punch:  After auto takeoff and hover at 4 ft, hit left stick full up and the M2 Z goes up like a rocket.  Effortless climb, very responsive.

3.  Basic flying:  As expected, very stabile flight.  With top cruising speed of 27mph, covers a lot of ground quickly, much quicker than the Spark obviously.  

4.  Handling the wind:  A dreary, windy day here in NJ.  M2 Z had no problem handling the wind despite of the high wind warnings on the screen.  

5.  Battery life:  One M2 Z battery last as long as 2½ Spark batteries (more or less).  So 3 M2 Z batteries gave me approx. 1½ hours for flight time.  This will take some getting use to.  I have 4 Spark batteries so burning thru all 4 would take about 1½ of the 3 M2 Z batteries.

6.  Fly More Combo Charging Hub:  Big downside compared to the Spark Charging Hub.  Spark hub charged all three batteries at once.  M2 Z hub charges one at at time.  Expect to take about an hour and a half per battery so no quick turnaround.

7.  RC: Though the Spark & M2 Z RCs are pretty much the same, the M2 Z RC is a little thicker thean the Spark's RC.  I have a tablet mount for the Spark that wraps around the RC to display the tablet above the RC.  Won't fit on the M2 Z RC.  Too thick.  Mav Mount worked perfectly as I expected.

8.  Fly More Combo Carry Bag:  Bag holds the M2 Z folded, 3 batteries including the one on the bird, the RC with compartments to hold the extra props and cables plus side elastic pockets to hold charging brick and hub.  It's a tight fit and I feel like I'm going to get one of the props caught on the inside of the bag as I try to pull it out.

9.  Flight Distance:  Rock solid connection to the RC at all times.  Took it out 5,500 ft away from me without a hitch.  Could have gone further but I didn't want to cross over the turnpike.  

10. Agility:  Very agile considering the difference in size and weight between the M2 Z and the Spark.  Those moving from the MP or MPP may not see as big of a difference but from the Spark, it was surprising how well it manuvered.

11. OEM Gimbal Guard:  Pain in the ass to get back on.  You have to hold the gimbal straight to lineup the gimbal guard top part.  

12. Prop noise:  M2 Z very quiet as compared to my Spark.  Quiet hum as compared to the swarm of bees sound from the Spark props.

These are my first impressions upgrading from the Spark.  May have missed a point or two.  Overall very impressed with my new M2 Z.  Will get into the camera once the weather gets better here in NJ.  Supposed to be dreary and rainy the next 5 days or so.  Will try and at least find a window to fly and get more accustomed to my new drone.  
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Alex Batalov
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I also have a spark and dream to upgrade to mavic 2 zoom
I have a Yuneec typhoon Q500+ also.
Nice summary, well done.

Fly safe.
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DJI Natalia


Hi, thanks for sharing your feedback with our new Mavic 2 Zoom. I hope this review helps our co-pilot. Should you have other concern, please let us know. Thanks for choosing DJI.
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My Mavic Air battery charger was also a BIG let down compared to the Spark. I love how the Spark batteries lock in and charge all 3 at once. Mavic Air batteries fall right out of the charger (don't lock in place) and only charge one at a time. I ended up buying this unit. ... words=smatree+mavic

Hopefully they'll release something for the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom in the future for better charging options.
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