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RONIN 2 settings and User settings
718 0 2018-9-9
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Flight distance : 169925 ft

Tomorrow I will be doing further tests with the rig including diff configs for operating off the Ready Rig.
I also will go into the settings further - specifically the SmoothTrack settings. I want the gimbal to work more for me. To be more agile and nimble like a steady cam but not have that wiggle and unnecessary movement -  This is where I need to figure out how I want the rig to react.

These gimbals don’t seem to be like most other cam ops like steadi or handheld - it’s something new and I want to know more and learn more so I can make them work for me. Given that, I also don’t want to translate moves that seem jerky or that seem like I am on a gimbal. I want it smooth!  

Any suggestions or settings that you guys use could help. Making the rig work for me and the way I like it is cricial to become a Master at it.

Thank you!!

Use props
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