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Broadcast Facility (...lessons learned included)
281 1 2018-9-11
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Flight distance : 158730 ft

FInally I was able to capture a not so well known but historic part of my home town.
I've put a slice of information inside the video as CC. The whole background story can be read at wikipedia here:

The weather was nice but the wind wasn't so I increased the distance from the pylons even more than previously planned. Those cables that hold the radio aerials in place are very hard to spot on the screen...
Besides the wind there were no interferences whatsoever. Ironically I experienced those later on and it wasn't because of the actual facility...
I usually do a check before launch if the sensors are working properly and then let it hover while I check of everything works as expected. And so did I...Everything looked "green" and well inside the boundaries and so I let it take off. And just as it took off, it drifted away immediately at some speed and, very quickly, I landed immediately (with lateral speed, though) in soft grass. Fortunately nothing happened.
There is the flight log:
I launched from a Metal cover and apparently somehow that seemed to block the interference off and as soon as it reached hovering height, the shielding was gone and all went crazy. Looking at the logs I didn't even bother to counter the movement - just wanted to have the bird down on the ground asap.
Two lessons I've learned yesterday:
- 1st: if it drifts, don't panic and stabilize it manually, then land ...
- 2nd: do the lions king move! (raise it high up above the head to see if the compass acts weird....)

I then relocated and found a small cluster of aerials on a 10m high concrete pole facing in the exact direction I launched a few minutes before.... So of course I moved behind the cluster and everything went butter smooth.


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Thanks for your sharing!
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