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How to add photos
539 0 2015-5-29
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I've noticed that it can be quite daunting to add photos to your posts and replies, so I made a little something to help...

NB. If you're adding multiple images, number each image in it's original folder (ie. 1 - 10) and upload them into your thread/post/reply in reverse order for them to be placed as you would like them to appear... Remember to hit "Save" as your last action.

NB. If the image is too large, simply open the image in Windows Paint and resize to 1000 pixels, "save as" a different name to the original image or it will replace your original image.

6. use.jpg
5. Add Photo.jpg
4. Editor.jpg
3. Confirm.jpg
2. Upload Photo.jpg
1. Advanced.jpg
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