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Remotely controlled nozzle or clamp to drop little water from drone
365 0 2018-9-14
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[size=14.6667px]Hi guys,

[size=14.6667px]I am an assistant professor in an university in the States, and I am pretty new to drones, I fly a Phantom 4 pro which I bought few months ago. For my research, I need to intermittently drop some drops of water from a drone, just 4-6 feet from the ground in a remote area. I need to tune the frequency at which these drops falls, from a single drop every 10 seconds  all the way to a little squirt (fraction of second duration) every 10 seconds. I need to do it tens or hundreds of time. I just bought a 10$ gravity feeding bag, with a tube and manual clamp.  It is basically an IV bag. It works wonders and it is cheap, but its manual, I cannot change the frequency while flying the drone and I cannot do intermittent squirts of water unless I intermittently turn completely on and then off the clamp manually. I was considering to buy a radio controlled clamp or valve, basically the same like the manual one I have, but I can do it from the ground while the drone  flies. Basically something that would compress the plastic tube (narrow its section) the way I want. Any idea? Google did not help. I got a 5000$ quote from a website that makes agriculture spraying drones but I do not need something that fancy, they wanna sell me a huge drone with huge tank (5 liters) and pump. I just need the small bag I bought (50-100 ml, light weight), what I am missing is a remote controlled valve/clamp to put on my pipe. Any suggestion? Thank you very much for your help.

[size=14.6667px]Best  V.

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