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Mavic 2 APP issues with Power levels
462 1 2018-9-23
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I realise the APP and Mavic2 (zoom) firmwares are still being refined but I would like to l know if I am experiencing typical issues or not...

- Whilst flying, the H along the power bar bounces around all the time, and not a little, a LOT. Like one second it's telling me I have 10 minutes before I reach the RTH point and then in a flash it says I am 10 minutes short of being able to RTH.

- When the RTH recommendation does appear, and i accept the option of it RTH'ing for me, the Warning messages repeat themelves every minute or so requiring me to accept or reject RTH, even though it IS ALREADY RTH'ing. Whilst this issue doesn't affect the flight, it is extremely tedious and wrecks any screen recording I may be doing.

Is this just my equipment or is this 'normal' at this time?

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Flight distance : 596565 ft

mines the same, i notice it more so when the wind is gusting, just seems to adjust too quickly when wind hits it, i would think they still need more work on refining the systems calculations of flying time
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