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Practice these before you start to fly
607 2 2018-9-24
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I have seen plenty of threads about how others lost their drones, or just the control over them. There are many when the AC just dropped the GPS signal. There are many, when the AC was just towards in the wrong oriantion and the pilot made a mistake. And there are many when the AC landed in the water, or flown away because of the bad weather conditions, or because of the distnance from the RC. Maybe the 80-90% of these can you avoid if you are practicing more or just don´t do risky things.

Before you start to fly check your GPS signal and DO NOT forget to mark your homepoint.
Check your battery.
If you are not so familiar with drones, DO NOT fly away several 100 meters away, or high. Try to keep eyecontact with your drone.
If something happens DO NOT panic, relax usually you have a enough time to save the situation, and when I say SAVE I mean control your drone, not just press the home button.
Check your map for no fly zones, and plan your flight.
Know that place where you are going to fly.
Check the weather, and the wind, the trees, the leafs.
Flying over the water is always looking good on the footage, but think about it if you lose control your drone can´t swim.
Spark is maybe a relative cheap drone, but not a toy.

There are many sites, videos, and articels about how to fly your drones, here is one of them from that time, when we didn´t have so much automation and security options as we have now:

And I am sorry I didn´t want to hurt your feelings, just save your drones.

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Hi ViPatrick, thanks for sharing this to our co-pilots. Have a safe flight always.
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Thanks for sharing   
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