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New feature found on CS
1078 3 2018-9-27
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Today I rused out to get some flying during the golden hour, took 3 batt., the spark, controller with the CS attached.
Arrived on the flying spot I found out that I forgot the battery of the CS.
But I am an old model flyer, so I could fly without the screen keeping the spark near to me, no fancy stuff.
When I switched on the controller to my suprice the CS also powered up!
I could just fly with the CS without a battery attached.
I must say it was already a low light environment, so the brightness of the screen was about 20%.
So the CS was powered by the controller (I did use a OTG on the controller with a USB C connector to the CS).
I do not know if this was mend to by working, but it did work for me.
When I did power down the controller, the CS also did power down. (Nice)
Careful: your battery of your controller will be faster empty and if you put the screen brightness to 100% you maybe fry your USB port.
So if you forget your CS battery, you could give it a go like I did. (Of course you should use your battery normally).
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DJI Natalia

Wow, that's nice to know. Thank you for sharing this information with us. If there's any other concern or inquiries, feel free to contact us back. Thanks for choosing DJI.
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I wasnt able to power my CS via the USB C, I guess I wasnt using OTG or something. I had that issue when I initially bought the CS but my MP1 power brick cant power the charger. I never could power it up until I got an Inspire power brick and charging the battery. I will try to see this tho I also wouldnt recommend it. I use CS cause the controller is not charging it and battery will last longer. 3 batteries for MP and M2P is just enough for a safe battery level on the controller.
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Tested and WORKS! Nice to have as a backup
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