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M2P RC won't charge (thinking faulty port)
403 1 2018-9-30
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I went to charge my M2P RC this morning and was disappointed to find that it wouldn't make a connection to charge. I tried the charger cord connected to the battery brick, as well as the Micro USB adapter for the Micro USB cable that comes with the M2P. Neither would charge my RC as it has been able to do before. I then connected my iPhone to the RC to check the connection to the app. Despite working last night, it doesn't work today while using the short connector cable to the top left cable port.

In examining the port on the top left side of the RC, I think it must be damaged or faulty. I'm stumped as to how I somehow unknowingly damaged the port, especially since this is my second Mavic in over two years and I never had this problem with my original MP. I believe the port may have been faulty from the manufacturer since it's only a month old and I've charged the RC maybe only as much as three or four times now.

I created a repair ticket and have a label to ship it out to California tomorrow morning, but I don't like blindly signing up for a repair job without knowing what it'll cost.

Can anyone tell me from experience what the repair on the RC looks like?

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Hi there, thank you for reaching out and we're very sorry to hear the trouble that you experiencing right now, Regarding that, if ever the issue is caused by a manufacturer defect and assuming it still under the warranty DJI will cover it.
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