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Very odd
608 1 2018-10-1
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I just checked my phone and found the device health and it had a warning, one app was always on and draining battery.  I have noticed that my battery did not last as long as it used to.. Samsung S7 edge. but did find out that the DJI go4 was always on using the phones battery or so says the phone. No am not flying or is the app opened but still is online useing my phones battery up. But why? the big question.

After reading what the phones options were i had a chance to stop it but would not get any notifications or updates until i open the app again,  Hey! does that app check for updates when opened already?  then why be on all the time?  I chose to stop it as it will be actavated when i open it again. No I am not too good with phones but am with other things, but am wondering why it has access and to run in the background when it should not be.

Just wondering if any has ever noticed this with there phones and to maybe have some check theres to see if theres are doing the same as i have no idea why this would be knowing that the app when opened checks on updates but why be on when not in use???

My bad is that i did not take any screen shots to show but will try later after phone is charged.

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Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. Apparently, your phone will provide applications that use your battery especially if the app is running on the background. You can easily get rid of this app when you terminate the application using your task manager. No worries, if there will be an update with the application, the DJI GO 4 app will ask you to upgrade it. Thank you for the support.
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