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Android App Crash - Shutdown
1590 2 2015-5-31
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United States

I had the Pilot App crash and close on me today during a flight. It had been immediately preceded by a warning that something google had encountered a problem and closed - maybe the google maps? Then similar message about Pilot and it was gone. Flying in open fields and besides one tall tree almost in the return path recovery was not an issue. The bird and I probably initiated RTH at the same time. That may be a bit of an assumption on the auto-RTH as I did manually initiate with the controller button. Did a restart on the app and had it booted and took over control again before RTH landed it but it was unsettling and could have been major flying FPV in closer quarters. Good thing I had a comfortably higher RTH altitude than default so make sure you have reset with a safe height for your area.

Galaxy Tab 8.4
Android 5.1
Pilot v1.1.0 from DJI directly
Firmware v1.1.9
Out of any Wi-Fi range - Wi-Fi probably still on.
No cell capability on the tab
Maps had been cached

Use props
Flight distance : 809350 ft
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United Kingdom

This seems to be a common issue experienced by users of Android devices. Not much to suggest really amart from making sure no other apps are runnign in the background and turning off unused beatires ike Bluetooth. Also I dont think the Tab is on the official list of supported devices, havent checked lately so not 100%. Even if its not, others have been using it and there isnt a specific issue with it.

I would home and pray DJI release an updated version of the Android app soon for you all.. IT is most definetly an amm issue but only time ( and an updated version ) will tell..

Remember to buy extra propellers and one or two spare batteries to keep you flying

Use props
Flight distance : 3314 ft
United States

I have had the same problem. rth still works if you ok the app when it crashes it will reconnect. I have taken control again after a app crash on version 1.2.0.
still getting gimble overload warning throughout the flight but it does not seem to affect anything. I am running galaxy tab pro.version 4.4.3
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