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CrystalSky With MA Activetrak Issue
459 1 2018-10-5
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United Kingdom

Not sure how many people use the DJI CrystalSky monitor with MA but I got one to help justfy the cost of buying a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 as I could use the screen with both.
I have been using the Activetrak mode with the DJI Go 4 v4.3.0(646-dpadcs) with my MA (with the Evoloution3D mount for easy swapping between the two drones).

Anyway, you can select flight types, I pick Activetrak and it goes stright to touching the screen on the object to follow, max speed and rotation speed option.

Then off you go.

If however you want to update the RTH location when you close that menu Activetrak is still active but all the bottom screen information is hidden by a menu which I guess should have been displayed earlier offering three Activetrak modes (activetrak is still active BTW).

I have found the only way to get rid of it is to select the other map option (the one in the bottom right corner) and then return to the main screen.

I assume this is only a problem with the CrysalSky version of Go 4 or perhaps it is an issue with all Android versions?

If the above does not make sense, next time I will try and take some photos of the screen.

It would also be nice if it could store the postion of the histogram display. Every time I have to move it over to the gap on the left of the screen.
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DJI Tony


Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you manage to exit the active track first before fixing the RTH location? We'll be waiting on your screenshot as well for us to have visual on our end. Please keep us posted on the latest progress.
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