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Offline maps problem
372 0 2018-10-11
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Hi guys and anybody at DJI!

We are wildlife filmakers and we fly an inspire2 on two pilots on CSUs.
After the former update the offline maps function slowly stopped functioning.
And in the end on both CSUs it stopped working totally. Black screen all the time
no matter what. Not even the homepoint is shown on the black screen.
I made a total update to the newest on the inspire2, on the controllers, on the CSUs but nothing chas hanged.
No matter how many times i restart the CSUs. Black screen.
The only way I can make the maps feature work, when strong wifi connection is available.
(But on most location we fly the wifi is not an option - that's why there is the offline maps feature i guess -
or at least it supposed to be. And yes, the local map is already dowloaded on the CSU before)

This feature is very necessary to us as we frequently have to fly the same route during one flight
to have the perfect shot. (No, during shooting we don't have time to use the waypoint feature)

In the CSU settings menu there is a ''backup and reset'' function. What does it do? It resets the whole CSU OS
or just the DJI GO app? ...and I have to start the whole updating process again?
I am a little bit afraid of that hard reset as we have so many problems with this instable DJI GO4 app.
I don't want to end up in a bigger trouble as we are on location and shooting every day.

Any idea how can I solve this problem?

Thnx in advance

Use props
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