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flight planning
458 0 2018-10-11
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hi all i have a question s900 that may sound dumb to most so please forgive me, i know very little about s900,
i dont own the s900 yet, but hopefully will before the end of the month,
ive flown phantoms for a few years, well since the p2, ive owned p2, p3s, p3p, and currently got p4p and mavic 1pro,
i plan on adding a s900 to my collection due to its weight lifting capabilitys, or something that will fit my needs.

i use my android pad or phone to connect to my p4 or mavic,
i can use a handfull of apps dji4 pix4d drone harmony ect ect to plan flights/missions and a visual output

so my question is
what apps android or apple will work with the s900  primarily for mapping ?
thanks chris

Use props
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