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Inspire Gimbal-Camera system on F550 platform?
702 1 2015-6-1
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I'm new to UAV technology and am primarily interested in aerial still photography. The GoPro is not an adequate still camera for my purposes, mainly given the lack of RAW/DNG format and very small sensor. It appears that the camera and gimbal developed for the Inspire may meet my image quality expectations. I have an F550 on DJI landing gear, though not yet equipped with FPV, a gimbal or camera system.

Is there any reason why the Inspire's gimbal and camera unit (and associated electronics) can't be mounted on the F550 assembly (out front on the nose of the landing gear chasis) and operated? Given my limited depth of knowledge, the only drawback I see is the fixed landing gear being in the way of a clear view from about 3 to 9 o'clock, and possibly catching view of the front rotors when tilted up (but I think it'd be far enough forward to avoid that).
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United States

The Inspires gimbal and camera is part of a integrated system and will not work with the F550.
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