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This is something that has me baffled and very unhappy. I added a folder to a 1TB hard drive I assigned to be my work drive to ransfer Cinema DNG files feom the X5R SSD. I then proceeded to insert the SSD to the reader and launch Cinelight, go through the stupid process of rebooting the computer and launching cinelight again and that's when my problems begin. Cinelight gives me a warning that the has an ilegal (I think that's what it said, something to the effect of not being a good thing) partition. Looking at the drives mounted on cinelight yes 2 drives appeared one 934 GB named X5R and another 400 GB and change also named X5R, it would not see any files and effectively showed to be corrupted or just not reading, the files I had already done a quickie YT video and so weren't critical, but I did want a good quality video of my capture as I thought for the most part was pretty cool. Anyway make a long story short I saw no other alternative than to format the SSD so I commanded a format ejected the SSD to re install on the bird as normal. then as I get back to the computer I find a drive named DJI, and my external drive nowhere to be found, open disk first aid the drive named DJI is 533.6 MB, I am loosing it, I tried a recovery with a alleged recovery program I have used successfully in the past with SD cards with no joy, so I figured Pluck It, I'll juet re format and now it just formats to 533.6 MB, I am lost,  I don't think I can do anything abut it and I think maybe this issue happened because I made that file named DJI confusing cinelight and in turn me, so let's at the very least have this rant serve as a warning to others with X5Rs
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