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Phantom4 - late motor start and squeaking sound.
456 1 2018-10-16
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Hello guys,

My Phantom 4 standard is about 18 months old and 105 battery cycles right now.
2 problems that occured in that periode were white dot / vertical lines so it has the ribbon cable replaced, and the other one was gimbal limp. Those problem were corrected and cost me about US$ 170 on local DJI shop & repair.

But what i am going to ask here is, i am concerning this could be the 3rd problem i am facing. I found one of four motors was started a bit late than the other motors. And it produces squeaky noise as i got motors obtructed message in the phantom 3 era.
Once that happened, i tried to shut the motors off, wait for a while, and then start them again (using CSC as well the first motor start i wrote above) in order to reproduce this symptom, but everything goes fine afterward.

And then it happened again on the next day. I think it is intermittent, so i don't have any video documentation on it.

I checked all of those 4 motors and found no clue at all. All motors can spin freely and no grinding feel what so ever. I checked their temperature after flight, and no significant temperature peak between them.
I also tried so many times CSCs just to catch another "delayed start plus squeaky noise" but still no avail.
This situation make me worry about flying it in urban area.

Does anyone experience this?
Is it the time i have the motor replaced?
But i am not sure which one of them. Should i replace them all?

FYI : I never had any crash or hard landing on this drone.

Thanks for your attention...
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Have you flown in dusty / sandy conditions ?

Quite often squeaky motor is due to dust or grit in the motor ... because the magnets have a gap between them - the grit can sit there and odd times come out to give the squeaky sound or even lock the motor.

If it was my motor .. I would first give a good blow out of the windings to try remove any foreign grit in there. You can use vaporising electrical cleaner or compressed air ... DO NOT USE WD40 !! Next I would dismount the motor and oil the rear bearing by toothpick and a drop of Sewing Machine Oil .... (Phantom inverted so oil will run around the shaft exit of motor) ... spin by hand .... remount.

Run it up and see what happens.

I do not say the above is the absolute reason but its possible.

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