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Loss of telemetry data including map midway through flight PVP+ v2.0
256 2 2018-10-30
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Flight distance : 1085404 ft

Hi Guys,
Went for a quick flight today took the bird about 2km out (6500ft) from take of point.
As I approached the 2km mark, I noticed that my map, altitude, speed, battery level - virtually every telemetry on screen has become frozen. I was still getting video feedback and was able to control the bird, hence why I didn’t notice it.
Fearing that I may be getting into a pickle, I flew back using landmarks as visual reference.
About 1km from the take off point the aircraft began to respond strangely to my inputs, so pushing the stick caused the aircraft to violently rotate along its centre axis. All I could was hover. Really thought I was going to lose it.
I then pressed the RTH button and lo and behold, it came back and I was relived.
I was worried that the RTH wouldn’t work, has anybody had this happen before.
Is it possible to just reboot the controller to regain control. Just need to know what to do incase it happends again.

Before it happend i notice that the video feed was cutting in and out.

Aircraft Firmware: v01.00.22.00


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Flight distance : 10356965 ft
United States

Sounds like you were on the verge of losing signal.  Probably just a quirk, but be aware again when flying long distances,  If you cut the remote off, it should initiate  RTH on it's own.
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DJI Tony
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. The issue might have occurred if there was a possible interference on your location, I would recommend avoiding the hazardous environment while flying the drone to prevent the incident. You can recalibrate the IMU and compass of your drone then check if there's enough GPS signal for stable flight. Changing the location would easily isolate the issue if you will receive the same result. Please let us know on the latest progress. Thank you.
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