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#Autumn# A different view - Soul City
404 1 2018-11-4
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Hello everyone!
Autumn is my favourite season. When there's a lot of sun and leaves in many colors we call it "Złota Polska Jesień" ("Golden Polish Autumn") in Poland. This year there was (and still is!) a lot of sun so I had a chance to capture some great scenes and landscapes. But there's also one more autumn tradition that I would like to share. Of course people dress-up for Halloween and children do the trick-or-treat thing here as well. But on the 1st of November we visit the graves of our family and friends. It's different than Día de Muertos, because it's more like a day of reverie - people come from all over Poland (and travel around) to light special vigil candles (called "znicz" or "znicze" in plural) and put them on or near the graves. Over 2000 years ago it was a special light to guide the lost souls. Now Christian people light them to leave the hope for a new, better life (maybe afterlife even).

So on the 1st of November I took my Mavic 2 Pro to the biggest cemetery in Gdynia, Poland - and made the attached picture. It was done with 1" shutter, saved as RAW and the developed in PhotoDirector 10. When you look at it at first it looks like an aerial view of the city. But all the lights there are vigil candles. So I named it a "Soul City". Hopefully everyone will find peace there.  Here's a better quality:

Soul City

Soul City
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Awesome shot !!!
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