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Tap Fly Question?
410 1 2018-11-5
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Don't often play with some of the canned program, but I tried out Tap Fly today.

There were two options, Circle and Fly towards a point.   When I chose the Fly Towards option and selected a point in the distance or an object in the distance, instead of flying towards it the M2P started an orbit as if I had pick that option.  Tried several times with the same result.

Is this working correctly for others?

And before DJI ask, yes everything is current and I am using a iPad 2018.

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DJI Tony
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. Under the Tapfly feature, you suppose to have 3 options under this intelligent flight mode such as Forward, Backward, and Free mode using the Mavic 2 Pro. You may refer to the details below for you to check what will happen if you use one of this mode.

Forward: the aircraft fly towards the target with Forward Vision System sensing obstacle
Backward: The aircraft flies in the opposite direction of the target with Backward Vision System sensing obstacle
Free: The aircraft flies toward the target. You can use the RC to maneuver the orientation of the aircraft freely. Please note that the aircraft cannot avoid obstacles in this mode. Please fly with caution.
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