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DJI App Security Concern Possible to be Hacked Nov 2018
394 1 2018-11-12
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United Kingdom

HI All this is not sepcific to the any particular drone but more the apps but there isnt a forum for all items so I put it in here! I havent managed to find a post on this so apologies if there is already one!

Just thought Id let the peopes know if you didnt already,

The general idea is that if you were usig the app and logged into your DJI account and click on a dodgy link in the forum then you could be comprimised, as DJI have said it pretty low risk but its still there though, so dont be alarmed is not as bad as you think.

I work in the area so thought I would share the info as the more we are all aware of the possible risks the more we can all protect each other.

Always be aware when on public WIFI you never know whos sniffing or watching!

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DJI Stephen
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Hello. Thank you for sharing this important information with us. Rest assured that DJI is doing its best to secure all of the information given to DJI. If you have any other concerns with DJI. Please feel free to post it here at DJI Forum. We are here to help you.
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