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Repetative Compass Calibration
365 1 2018-11-19
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I found this post with a few people having the same problem with having to do a compass calibration every time they fly. I am having the same issue. Now before you go telling me about the polar pro ND box that has magnets in it and starting my drone up to close to metal objects, I get all of that. I have also read that there is some new logic in the software that will ask for a compass calibration if the drone has not been flown in 30 days or is far from the location it was last flown. (How far is anyones guess) Not sure what genious put this in, but my other DJI drones only required calibrating 2-3 times in about a year and I fly alot.

Secondly, This is my 2nd M2P and the previous one does the exact same thing so please do not tell me I may need to send it in becuase blah blah blah. I have been operating out of the same vehicle for over a year flying my Phantom 4 PRO, Inspire 1 and Iinspire 2 with NO compass errors, except for when I knew I was too close to the car at start up. But even then, all I had to do was move the bird a bit further from the car and she was good to go. The M2P says "No no no, not good enough buddy, you need to do the compass dance."

Just want to know is there a going to be a fix for this?
If not, is this normal? (If so its pretty rediculious)

OR, am I really doing somethign completely wrong?

Many thanks,

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My maiden flight had no issues but the day after the error kept coming back even after recalibrations or moving to a new location. Also the error would suddenly popup 60m in mid air close to nothing. So I quickly checked the compass status and saw it's red while it was green before and during takeoff. Strangely though even when it's red, the aircraft orientation perfectly matches as reported on the screen radar which I thought would be marginally or worst totally off due to this error. At the same time I even did several small to large circles and figure 8s but the orientation reported is still accurate.

I haven't had similar experience with the old Mavic Pro, yes it would complain whenever I'm close to my car but everything is good once I moved away without the need to recalibrate. I didn't even have to calibrate traveling across continent. Perhaps it's a single compass with the Mavic 2 vs dual compass on the Mavic Pro or the Mavic 2 is just overly sensitive?
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