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Sort out the hot mess that is Ground Station Pro
891 2 2018-11-25
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I lost half a day of work today because GSP deletes previously recorded photos each time a new mission is started. Who codes this type of nonsense? I thought it was bad enough that the auto focus consistently fails when I resume a mission after changing the battery.

I know DJI has sourced out the development of this app but guess what, it's DJI's logo on the app and it is DJI's reputsation suffering from a cluster f*** like this. It makes DJI look incompetent, not the anonymous developers behind it. But hey, DJI is so confident in these hired guns, they do not even feel it's necessary to dedicate a support section for GSP on their forum page.

Something like this MUST not happen: files being deleted because of incompetent coding. It's sloppy, lazy and shouts to the user that the developers could not care less if a users walks away with gaping holes in their data. I regeret having paid for some of the add-ons because it means that I have contributed to the wages of the persons responsible for this hot mess.
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Hi ElToten, we're sorry for the troubles. As you mentioned "GSP deletes previously recorded photos each time a new mission is started", may I know which drone do you use and what's the current version of the GS Pro? Could you upload some videos of your operation? We'd like to check the exact status.

For the auto focus consistently, it is required to set again after changing another battery, we're sorry if this bothers you.
Regarding the support section for GS Pro, this will be forwarded to the designated team for review, and we'll release on our website if there is an update.

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This is the only  thread I have found that discusses issues with GS Pro 2. We currently fly 2 Matrice 100s, Mavic 2 Pro and Wind 4. We have recently updated the GS Pro app and have been testing for the last week. We have come across a significant problem. All of the images appear to be off centre creating layover in an ortho map. When we align all the images from these test flights (Agisoft) the map appears like all the features have been pushed to one side. This creates inaccurate volumes.

We have completed the same tests with the Map Pilot app, on both the Mavic 2 Pro and the Matrice 100 with X5. Map Pilot collects images properly, no problems.

Has this problem been identified?

I am also looking into the speed control function. The speed for my missions was set to 4.4m/s but the Mavic 2 Pro actually carried out the mission at 10m/s.

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