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DJI Osmo Pocket - In-hand by 12/22??
483 1 2018-12-2
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I'm typically not on the bleeding edge of product launches so I'm pretty naive to how this works.  My situation is I'm going on a cruise on 12/23 and I would like to have the DJI Pocket Osmo for the cruise, if possible.  I see a lot about the release date being 12/15 for this product.  I also see where you can pre-order now, but it appears they actually ship the product on 12/15...correct?  

Ultimately, what I'm wondering is how do these product launches work?  On 12/15 will the "brick and mortar" shops actually have this product in stock and ready for purchase so you could conceivably own one on 12/15?  Or do they have to wait for the product to arrive beyond 12/15 like everyone else?  Is there an obvious choice for launches like this that would sort of guarantee you receive the product the soonest?  

I'm thinking I might just want to risk it on 12/15 if stores like Best Buy and MicroCenter have some supply in stock ready to sell.  Yes, if they quickly run out of stock then I could be at risk, but it seems like there is also some risk if you pre-order and then the product is actually shipped to you on the 15th.  Then you sort of have to hope that shipping gets to you quickly.

Any guidance from those that have been down this road before is appreciate.      
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DJI Mindy
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Hi ishtarbgl, thanks for your interest in Osmo Pocket, DJI Store, DJI Flagship Stores, DJI Authorized Retailers and additional retailers have begun accepting pre-orders, pre-orders will start shipping on December 15th approximately, we do not have the news of other channels, but for official online store, we have the estimated shipping date in the purchase page, the orders will be shipped on first come first served basis.
For other channels, we cannot ensure they will keep having stocks since it depends on the pre-order numbers, it is recommended to pre-order as soon as possible.
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