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RTH initiated after landing -crash.
749 1 2018-12-6
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Flight distance : 154928 ft
United States

I was flying a surveying project.  The battery level got to 30% and we had moved from our home point so I wanted to land where the UAV was - right next to me.  I landed manually - had it on the ground and shutting down the motors, when Go Home was initiated.  Apparently the battery level reached the critical level.  The landing gear raised while ON THE GROUND, slammed down and tipped over.  Motors were still running and would not shut off, therefore props went flying.  

I was using the DJI GS Pro app and I know part of this is my fault in that I should have pressed the "land" button instead of doing it manually.  I think that would have told the system I was actually landing and not to RTH at all.  However - I was at 0 mph, 0 altitude-  I would have thought the system would know it was on the ground.  Can anyone explain what went wrong in this case?  

I've looked at the logs and the motors didn't shut off because they were blocked.  Also seems counter intutiative.  I learned a lot from this experience but I'm trying to understand why the landing gear would raise while on the ground.  
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DJI Natalia


Hi, we are sorry to hear about that unfortunate event. I highly suggest sending the drone for data analysis and so for us to fix it. You may start up a case online: You can also contact our support team by dialing +1 (818) 235 0789 for further assistance. Thank you.
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