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Traveling to Bali via Dubai ... will my drone be confiscated?
1015 2 2018-12-9
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United States

Hey everyone,

I am flying Emirates to Dubai and Abu Dhabi where I am staying for 4-5 days and then heading to Bali.  I am not going to fly the drone at all in the UAE due to privacy laws etc but I would love to fly it in Bali where drones are allowed.  I read on the Emirates website that drones are allowed in checked luggage as long as you bring the batteries in your personal item.  Do I need a permit/license to get the drone through customs?   The last thing I want to do is lose my $ 1000 Mavic Air.
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United Arab Emirates

Hi, it's correct that Emirates asks you to check them in. This is due to some clown allegedly trying to fly a drone inflight at some point........ I've hand carried mine through DXB many times, as other airlines do not have the 'restriction'..... check it in and you'll be fine, for sure. ps.  There is no restriction to bring a drone into the UAE. Flying one without a permit and in the wrong place, may get you a few years in solitary confinement and accused of spying, though... :-0
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day CHSDrone1. Thank you for the inquiry that you have provided. Laws and regulations regarding UAVs can vary widely depending on location. The best thing you need to do to know the laws and regulations is to try to get in touch with the local government where you want to fly your drone. You can also visit there official website to get some inputs on where and what do you need to operate your drone. For additional reference I will be posting an official DJI link to give you some additional flying tips. Have a safe travel and a happy flying as well.
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