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Finding Order information for Drone
5077 1 2018-12-16
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Hello everyone,

So this past week I purchased a DJI Phantom 4 standard on the Letgo app from someone near my college. The seller was the original purchaser of this drone and bought it back in June with the 4-year warranty. When I met up with the seller, I made sure everything worked before purchasing it and it did in fact function properly. His reason for selling it was that he did not use it as much as he wanted to and allegedly only flew it twice, which I believe because he hadn't even figured out how to stream the video feed to his phone, and just wanted some extra cash for the holidays. When I got back to college, I tried flying the drone for the first time and it was a blast. I made a dji account and the drone is associated with my account.

When I went to charge everything, the drone battery it charged, but the controller battery did/does not. Apparently, this is common with the Phantom 4 controllers due to quality control issues and when they sit for a while the solder points on the motherboard of the remote can detach. The charge indicators of the remote do not fully light up in a wave, they only light up the 1st 2 lights and its hard to describe but the wave animation is inconsistent and it is clear something is off. The remote is still fully functional, it just doesn't charge, leaving it plugged in overnight results in +0%, and. I have returned home for the holidays and I contacted support, they created a case for me, they said to ship it to their facility, it's under warranty and everything will be fine just follow the instructions on the email that I will receive. The email says that I need proof of ownership, this could include the order number or the email that the drone was bought with. I tried to reach out to the seller to get this info but the Letgo app doesn't let me contact/message other users like every other app ever does... great. I looked him up on white pages and surprise surprise, his landlines are disconnected because he's not a grandparent who still uses a landline. I legitimately purchased my drone and the drone is still under warranty but I have no way of submitting that to dji.

Is there any way I can find the order number with the serial number or am I just screwed here unless I can get in touch with the guy which seems unlikely at this point?
Please Help if you can and have a great day!
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Hi MikeDice, we are so sorry to read that the previous owner didn't transfer the proof of purchase to you, usually, the warranty period for a product starts on the day such product is delivered, therefore, we will need the proof of purchase for reference.
We are unable to find the order number with the serial number in our system, but if there is no way to get the proof of purchase, it is recommended to contact our support team to explain the situation and see whether there is any other method for the warranty service, thank you.
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