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Osmo Pocket - Day 2 Thoughts and observations.
650 1 2018-12-18
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Hello DJI,

I just received my Osmo Pocket yesterday and for the most part I am loving it.  It's amazing what can be packed into such a small unit.  That said, it could be better.  I have some suggestions, some of which could be implemented in firmware for the existing model, others would need to be considered for the next generation hardware design.  Please don't take this as a complaint but rather constructive criticism.

I have found that is is not possible to Active Track an object during Timelapse with the Osmo Pocket.  This is a feature that I enjoyed on the Osmo Mobile allowing nice Hyperlapse footage while walking.  I see no reason that the Osmo Pocket should not be able to support Active Track in Timelapse mode.  Can this be added in a future firmware update?.

Motionlapse setup could be improved by allowing the multifunction button to be used for adding path points in the Motionlapse setup stage.  This would make it easier when setting up a Motionlapse with  the Osmo Pocket On a shelf with the screen facing away from you.  Could this be added in a future firmware update?

Another observation, it seems like the Pocket was designed by a left-handed engineer.  In the next generation, it would be better if the Pocket could be connected to either the left or right of the phone. I would be more comfortable operating Mimo with my Right hand.  I suppose I could flip the whole thing upside down into underslung mode but that just doesn't seem right either.  Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to make the phone adapter slide in from either side to support this ability.

Charging port should be relocated to the back or a side rather than the bottom allowing for the charge cabe to be connected while the Osmo Pocket is standing upright shooting a long timelapse/motionlapse.  I know I could use the upcoming accessory to mount to a tripod and gain access to the bottom port but this device is all about small size and portability.  Needing to carry a bunch of accessories kind of negates the benefit of the tiny form factor.

Thanks for the great work on the first generation of the Osmo Pocket and thank you for your consideration of my suggestions.


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DJI Stephen
DJI team

Hello and good day Xathros. Thank you for sharing these suggestions today. Rest assured that I will forward this suggestions/thread to our DJI R&D Team for further development of the DJI Osmo Pocket. Thank you for your support.
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