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658 3 2018-12-21
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John Bennett
Second Officer
Flight distance : 201083 ft

United States

I have a question about the flight logs of the Inspire 1 UAV.

After downloading the on-board *.dat files, I discovered that I needed to convert the data into a more
readable form -- a *.csv file.  Once completed, I reviewed the converted data.  I "discovered" some of
the fields that I would expect to be included not to be present -- fields such as operational flight time,
battery discharge and tempature, compass heading (0 to 360 degrees), etc.  

I have 27 data fields.  I am trying to create some in-house training videos (using DashWare) and I
would like to display telemetry such as flight time, compass headings / direction, battery voltage drop,
etc.  I am trying to determine if I am missing some data or not.

Thank you for your time…  I appreciate it…

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DJI Wanda

Hi John Bennett, thanks for reaching out. Some of the data you are looking for like the flight time can be seen using the DJI GO app flight records page. However, if you really need these data to show up from the .dat files, we may need a copy of that for us to determine if there are really missing data. We can forward this to our headquarters and data analysis team for thorough review. You may also refer to the tutorial link below for other helpful information. ... +Tutorials+V1.0.pdf
Hoping for your understanding in this matter.

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John Bennett
Second Officer
Flight distance : 201083 ft

United States

Hello Wanda...
Thank you very much in taking the time to post a reply to my inquiry.  The pdf file is greatly appreciated.  

What I am trying to accomplish is converting the *.dat file(s) from the Inspire 1 v2.0 to *.csv(s) file for use
with a software program called "DashWare".  This software application allows the data collected to be
displayed as "gauges" on a corresponding video.  You can present graphically telemetry as you view your
video.  I have seen some excellent videos created on YouTube for the Inspire 1 and I am trying to create a
similarly styled output / video for training / learning purposes.

When I converted a*.dat to *.csv, using “Maps Made Easy” web site, I expected to see other data fields along with the 27 I currently receive:

(Latitude (Deg) / Longitude (Deg) / GPS Altitude (m) / N Velocity(m/s) / E Velocity(m/s) / D Velocity(m/s) / Velocity(m/s) / Ground Speed(m/s) /
AccelerometerX(g) / AccelerometerY(g) / AccelerometerZ(g) / GyroX(rad/s) / GyroY(rad/s) / GyroZ(rad/s) / Barometric Alt(m) / QuaternionX /
QuaternionY / QuaternionZ / QuaternionW / Roll(deg) / Pitch(deg) / Yaw(deg) / MagneticX / MagneticY / MagneticZ / Satellites / Sequence(135 Hz))

I expected to see a lot more data fields including  “simple data” such as compass heading, distance from home point, battery voltage, current
draw, etc. – data that I get in some fashion from the Pilot App (before p4).  As I understand, more data exists within the Pilot App (before p4)
as a binary “text” file that may or may not hold the rest of the data in question.  If it is, how do I convert this “txt” file into some more usable
(for me) as a *.csv file.

Thank You for your time and attention:
Take Care
Merry Xmas

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Mark Guille
Flight distance : 2031818 ft

You could try uploading your flights to Airdata then you can download the csv file with all the relevant data intact.

Mark G.
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