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The Gimbal drop needs to be fixed DJI
503 1 2018-12-23
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It’s obvious that the zoom and the 2 pro both suffer from the same nuisance gimbal drop as reported by many people and numerous threads on here and other forums.  It happens no matter how gentle you are with the controls and when there is a decent headwind and in sport mode.  It’s  also obvious that no matter what you tell us to do DJI , that it’s not gonna get fixed either by sending it in or checking thru dji assistant.  THIS IS A PROGRAMMING SCREW UP DJI , THE ACTION IS INBEDDED INTO YOUR FIRMWARE!!!  A CORRECTIVE  FIRMWARE UPDATE NEEDS TO HAPPEN ASAP!!   Stop telling people actions that you know damn well are not the answer just to stall until you guys decide to fix the issue.  Be honest with your customers that pay good money to buy your faulty products!!!
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Yet on the FB M2 group the intellectual giants there are saying all DJI drones do this.  Odd, my AIR, 3 mavic pro's & p4's never did this.  They also stated that it's braking.  Buzz again.  I agree that it's firmware.  Only took them 6 months to fix the last issue with the mavic air.  Don't understand why they don't come out and state, "yup we've found an issue".  Instead crickets!
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