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Beware of buying Osmo Pocket accessories on ebay
5334 1 2019-1-3
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United States

I received my Pocket on December 12th.Same day ordered on ebay a mount that hold's the phone on the Pocket from China.Said speedy 10-14 day delivery.Next day I get a tracking number that was created in Chino,California.....WTF?2 week's later USPS said they never received the package.I emailed the seller from China and without a response got a refund.I ordered 2 more Pocket accessories from 2 other ebay seller's where the item was listed as being in California with a 5-7 day estimated delivery,I live in Arizona.They responded in broken english that the items were shipped with another USPS tracking number.Guess what.......USPS never received either package and I get zero response from the seller's at all.I think China is scamming us on ebay once again.I will wait until B&H or Amazon has any Pocket accessories in stock and only order from them.Now I have to fight to get my money back on these last 2 ebay purchases.Beware.......they list the item's as being in the USA,give you a bogus tracking number and then ignore you.China you can suck my a$$!

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Hi KEN5423, we are so sorry to read your unpleasant experience on eBay, please PM me the information of the sellers, we will see if there is anything we can do to help you. Besides, it is recommended to purchase the products from the official platforms and the authorized dealers, please check more info here: Thank you.
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