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how to boost slave Cendence RC signal strength in M210
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Dear Developer community,

I am using the DJI M210 with two Cendence RC's one as master and other as slave, I want to place my slave RC 30 meters away from Master RC to connect to TV display, I tried it but the slave RC is losing the signal when my drone is moving 10meters away from the home point.
1.       Will TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster(link) increases the RC signal strength of Cendence in slave mode?
2.       Are there any other ways to increase the slave Cendence RC signal strength? (without patch antenna, because as of now I don’t have the Cendence patch antenna in India)

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DJI Mindy

Hi VikramDrone, may I verify the slave RC will lose the signal when the drone is moving 10meters away from the home point or the Master RC? Patch antenna is used to strengthen the signal between the RC and the aircraft, did you try to switch two Cendence to see if the same issue will happen? We do not have the accessory can be recommended to strengthen the signal between the Master RC and Slave RC, sorry for the inconvenience.
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