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DRTK 2 Mobile Station Not up to Survey Standards
559 0 2019-1-8
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I have not found a better medium to relay these concerns, and this may be the incorrect place to put this, but I am trying to submit a "review" per sae to DJI's design team. In working with this product for the past couple months, there have been some serious flaws that have come to my attention from being very closely connected to the survey world. For one, the leveling bubbles on the tripod and pole, are incredibly imprecise and can be moved considerably without registering a difference.

Also, the fact that the tripod mounts below the upper rod connection for the carbon fiber rod, adds another source of error into the mix. On top of that, the construction of the legs of the tripod are very cheap feeling, and in a high wind condition, this would not be able to hold position with any confidence.

As a surveyor you need to precisely and accurately measure the point at which it is over, with repeatability, and with so many variables already introduced out of the box, it will be near impossible to repeat results. One idea that was suggested to me was to somehow remove the head of the base station and fix it to a standard 2m pole and use a tribrach. this would fix nearly all of the issues with the construction of the unit (albiet the only part of the original construction would be the head).

Does anyone know how to get in touch with DJI's product development people? If DJI wants to be taken seriously in the survey/mapping world, they should take a closer look at the equipment they are trying to emulate in order to be sure it is up to standards.
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