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2018 SkyPixel Contest Weekly Selection: Issue 4
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“A picture tells a thousand words.” This old adage, as common as it is, speaks the truth every time.
Every photo and video frame tell, shape, and share stories in ways that our own words cannot fully express. This is the magic that drives communities like ours.
For this week’s selection of 2018 SkyPixel submissions, please enjoy these ten short videos that share unique and universal stories of adventure, love, meaning, and the beauty of life.
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THE ISLAND| Equipment: Phantom 3

Photographer: Young Lee
While the art of photography overtook Young Lee as a teenager, he started losing a connection to this passion. He headed to Norway and Iceland to alter his perspective, but did not expect that it would change his life.

I AM FRAGILE | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro
Photographer: Florian Ledoux
Florian Ledoux considers himself as much of a wildlife conservationist as a photographer. Flying above the epic ice formations of the Arctic, Florian captures majestic animals in their natural habitat, which he hopes to save by sharing these images.
Old new memories | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro
Photographer: emanuel.lupu
Emanuel and his newlywed took a cinematic honeymoon in Seychelles. They lose themselves in the archipelago, embracing rich foliage, thriving wildlife, and sandy beaches.
Travel in Yunnan |Equipment: Mavic Pro
Photographer: Heylkemon
The team behind Helkemon let their spirits run free while shooting mesmerizing landscapes and time-bending scenes in the Li River, Lugu Lake, and Shangri-La.
Dream Wedding| Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro
Photographer: ccm’请叫我小超人
Even two weeks in another country can last a lifetime. For couple ccm, it took just 15 days in New Zealand to have the wedding and honeymoon of legend. There, they exchanged vows before no friends, family, or priest, but the countryside’s blue sky.  
The Chase | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro
Photographer: 李大人
What are you willing to do and where are you willing to go for a bite of freshness? Li Daren tracks down an errant household item through glaciers, mountains, and miles of road, getting a lot more than he would have ever expected.
Into Shenzhen see the world| Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro
Photographer: Diaz Ko
A schoolteacher by day, Diaz Ko uses his passion for classic and aerial photography to compose this love letter to his new home, Shenzhen.
Adventure: A Collection of Moments & Memories |Equipment: Mavic Pro
Photographer: Ain Raadik
Spanning New Zealand, Japan, and his native Australia, Ain Raadik paints a picture of wanderlust, exploration, and fearless adventure.

Desires Beyond Wealth | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro
Photographer: 绿色依旧
For Ma Xiao, a holiday trip turned into a new direction for his journey in life. Backed by the musings of philosopher Alan Watts, Ma shares that there are things in this world that don’t need dollar signs to be valuable.
Perspectives | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Tarsicio Sanudo - Postandfly
Photographers have the ability to show the world as we’ve never seen before. Tarsicio Sañudo goes one step further: he uses the art form to create new worlds entirely. By blending and stretching perspectives, he unleashes a kaleidoscope of imagination.
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