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Disappointed with Video Quality/ Noise
394 2 2019-1-14
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Hey guys,

i thought the Zoom was better than the Mavic Pro 1 but it isnt.
Just llok ta this ISO 100 Footage shot in D-Cinelike
Is extremly noisy ....
I think i have to got to  the Pro 2
Any Ideas ?!AqpVZGz_qrJ9gpI_MKe2E4pDNahZLQ

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Yes, I would go and recheck you camera settings.
It's all washed out, all most a grey scale.
How do the stills look?
Look at youtube for the video settings for the Mavic Gen 1, It will get you close, then you can tweak for the new camera?
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Hello, I am a user of the M2Z. From my 3-4 months experience with the aircraft, this sort of behavior is normal for a few reasons. Number 1, it appears that you are shooting in an overcast day, with my guess being late afternoon given the lighting. Secondly, you are using D-cinelike, which will create noise as it has to essentially compensate the darker portions of the image while lowering the lighter portions, think of it like fade in photoshop. I am not pointing to these as faults, I am just noting that when you use these settings, there will have to be some trade off, whether that be increasing ISO, which again will create more noise, or having to invest or use a after market noise reducer. I wish I am able to be more helpful, but honestly your lighting can create issues for such a small sensor.
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