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Inage Resolution Issue
585 3 2019-1-16
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Hey There,

I'm a user of a new dji spark and I called support in Australia about resetting the drone dji spark camera settings as images were coming out at 2-4 MB despite shooting via dji ho 4 app verses via rc controller which as I understand results in a lower resolution image.

Reset camera yesterday via app, shot some clouds and sunset lastnight, yet still 2-4 MB image resolutuon, please.

* Nor

Is it because I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A3 and rc controller for shooting? Waiting to upgrade to a ipad new or ipad air or mini as suited to app ie djigo4 I do have a 64 gig 95 mbps card in drone. Though I do use my sons ipad air and have to check resolution output files there yet.

Lost? As it's a 12 MP camera and I'm shooting in manual and setting iso etc manually no auto mode.
As if I'm correct if shoot in intel modes resolution is lower as well as if you shoot off rc controller buttons etc?


Carey Carter

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Are you looking at the photos on the SD card ? If so then check your settings in camera inside the dji go app.
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I have to admit that I am having a hard time deciphering your original post but as stated in the reply above, best quality images are on the SD card in the Spark.
It makes no difference if the picture is captured by triggering the app button on the screen or the button on the remote. Both will capture the same image resolution ON THE SD CARD.

The image that is shown in the app is really just a "thumbnail". The "real/original" image CAN be downloaded to the phone/device by selecting the download icon in the app but that is very slow and unpredictable
Either get them off the SD card by putting the card in a Computer or an adapter for your phone/device OR use a USB cable from the Spark to a computer ( the Spark has to be on but no props turning...the Spark will show up as another drive).
Get those images and check the file sizes if you want the most accurate info/best resolution.
All that being said...4-5 MB is about right anyway. You'll never get a 12MB image from the Spark (unless a Panorama)

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Hello and good day Carey . I am sorry to know that you are having this issue with your DJI Spark. Upon checking the mobile device ( Samsung Galaxy A3 ). I am sorry to say that the mobile device that you are using is still not recommended for your DJI Spark. Actually, there is a  possibility that the Samsung Galaxy A3 will work, however, since it's not yet optimized with the DJI Go 4 application we cannot guaranteed the stability of the DJI Go 4 application if this will work all the time while using the specific device.  We highly suggest you use the compatible device that was listed on the recommended mobile device list below to avoid any problem. Thank you.

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