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Connecting Focus 1 Handwheel and Inspire 1 Remote
568 1 2019-1-21
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Hello forum,

we are currently working on getting all the equipment together for our new Inspire 1 RAW, and we believed that we can connect the DJI Focus 1 Handwheel (not the full remote) with our Inspire 1 Controller to control focus, but so far we didn't find a cable that would connect the two pieces, or any reference on the internet on how to do it in an official way, just this guide with a DIY solution.

Does anyone have the two pieces connected successfully? We'd appreciate any ideas before considering the soldering iron.

Thanks a lot.

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I have the Focus 1 wheel as well, but on an I2.  It came with a cable, but it was the wrong one.  Dealer said it took a different one supplied separately and I had to buy that one.  I seem to recall the one supplied was too short or had an odd connector.  The FW 2 has the connection made via the mount and not the external cable as with the  FW 1.  You might have to contact some dealers and ask if they have the correct cable for FW 1.

I will add the FW 1 operation is very smooth overall.  Beefy unit too.  The white plastic piece you make notes on for distance with a grease pencil can come off easily if pulled outward is the only issue I find with it.
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