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crystal sky 5.5 & Phantom 4 pro controller
701 0 2019-1-22
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tung tung
Puerto Rico

i am having an issue my CrystalSky monitor draining the battery on the Phantom 4 Pro controller rather quickly, even when i have an external battery on the monitor.  It seems the monitor will take power via USB-C first, then start using power from the external monitor battery...  when i have the crystalsky mounted and plugged in, i will get about 3 - 5 flights from the controller before it dies, but the monitor battery status bar will still read 100%.  without the crystalsky monitor plugged in, i can get more than 10 flights from the controller!  it seems to only pull from the external battery once i unplug USB-C from the monitor...  i looked through all the battery settings many times and can't find an option or fix, is there something i am missing?

thank you!
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