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Drone disconnected and Lost
6475 41 2019-1-23
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Nando Martins
Flight distance : 2032900 ft

twilight Posted at 1-30 10:02
The starting point is at 58% battery. That level is from what i know the percentage of storage mode. The battery is putting it self in storage mode, discharging itself to 59 percent. I don't think it's a good point to start a flight. Those intelligent batteries are not that intelligent after all.

I once had a phantom, that on the second flight, i hadnt had the time to wait for the battery to fully charge (it was 4 leds already but not finished). At about 10% battery, it felt from the sky.

in the manual does not say that we should not take flight with the battery not being 100%, and had flown 10 minutes before with it 100%, landed and flew from
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Sri Lanka

Mavic 2 zoom RC get disconnected when the drone is moved 7 meters away and reconnect when it comes near the RC..... can any one tell me how can I fix this error .....please
9-19 02:59
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