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Is This Ok Or?
848 0 2019-1-26
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I posted this same item in the InspirePilot forum. Obviously, I wanted an answer and figured greater coverage?

I'm new to Inspire (1) and X5 so the idea of balancing the gimbal seems like a no-brainer, but I could get my arrogant butt (don't mean to be arrogant) jumped for this. Since I'm more of a photographer than drone aficionado I wanted to graduate from the fixed lenses of my Phantoms to different focal lengths. Not knowing what would be my fav I purchased the Panasonic 14-42 Lumix to help decided which prime lenses I would like. I pondered, how the heck to get the correct balancing ring especially since I'm fanatical (most of the time) about the virtues of a lens hood and wanted to make sure I could use the hood.

So, stuck a circle of hook and loop (generic Velcro) on the far back of the gimbal and affixed the mating material on a variety of coins: nickel, quarter, dime, etc. Seems the quarter was a perfect weight to balance the gimbal, and it's attached rock solid. IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PROCEDURE? The gimbal clears the frame with plenty of room, no app errors?
Use props
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