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DJI M100 & M600 Asistant 2 Issues with updating.
978 1 1-26 19:16
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Hi there everyone,

So I have been trying to update my M100 & M600 through the most current versions of DJI Assistant 2 available. The M600 would not show an update available in the firmware section but would consistantly show aircraft requires update in the Go app. I ended up uninstalling DJI Asist 2 and reinstalling the previous version and was able to get the M600 squared away.

Now when I tried to update the M100, the old version of Assist 2 shows no update available; so I reinstalled the newer version and it showed an update available. While trying to upgrade the firmware it reached 99% and froze. Now the TB 48 batteries that were working just fine before i tried to upgrade, are now frozen on and cant be shut off. I cant downgrade because it gets stuck at 99% as well. So I have two batteries stuck on and no way to shut them off or revert the firmware.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1-26 19:16
Use props


Thanks for your post.  It looks like there are several issues with M100 upgrade, so I am considering not to do it.
6-15 16:21
Use props
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